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How I work

Skype Up, is all about you, my initial job is to understand your needs well, so I can create a course tailored to suit you. When you sign up for Skype up I try to find out what it is you want it improve. You maybe preparing for a new job interview, IELTs or similar examinations, you may need assistance preparing a lecture or documents that need to be given in english, or simply wishing to maintain or improve the language skills you already have. It is important that the course remains not only relevant but interesting,  to do so it is useful to understand your interests and needs, both professional and personal, you may be a cardiologist or an art historian and require specialist vocabulary and terms. Not only should our classes suit your professional personal needs but also fit in wth your working schedule, so often flexibility is vital. I work hard to hold your interest and ensure that you have the language that will allow you to feel equally as competent in english as in your native tongue.

Skype up

Text books can form an important part of a course ensuring a balanced approach to a language is maintained. But normally I find at intermediate and hight levels a more individual approach is more fulling and successful. There for there is no need for additional expensive text books. Skype up enable us to take full advantage of the internet, allowing us to work with new, relevant and interesting material, that will keep you engaged and informed in areas that are of not only of interest but are important to you. Not only are there reading, listening articles but podcasts which can be listen to as you commute to and from work. Quizzes, tests, games and many high quality teaching videos dealing with a broad range of aspects of english grammar, enabling you to refresh and update  your memory in your own time.


How much time do you need to spend? well this largely depends on what you are aiming for, if you are wanting to maintain your current level I would generally recommend, a one hour class per week, however if you are hoping to improve your level of english I would than recommend two hours a week. For some, intensive crash courses or immersion courses, work very well but they do not suit everyone. For other a more leisurely approach is more affective.